Tom Otterness - Signs of the Zodiac (Aries)

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Tom Otterness (American; b. 1952)
Signs of the Zodiac (Aries)
c. 1982
Painted cast plaster
Appx 6” H

According to Otterness, the Zodiac pieces were first suggested by an acquaintance who owned a botánica in the South Bronx and also operated a small factory that produced decorative plaster statuary for homes and gardens. The idea came from posters popular at the time showing sex positions associated with the signs of the zodiac. Otterness initially used these posters as source material, but later freely improvised and created his own positions and astrological correspondences. The Zodiac series was an open edition but since it was marketed primarily through alternative art venues only a limited number was actually made. All apparently date from before 1987.

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