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Richard Hamilton Flower Pieces

Richard Hamilton, while less of a household name than Andy Warhol, was the founder of Pop Art and a visionary who outlined its aims and ideals. A lollipop from one of his early collages furnished the movement with its title.

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Robert Motherwell - Two Recent Acquisitions

Robert Motherwell (1915 - 1991) was never expected to become an artist. The son of a well-to-do and conservative bank chairman, Motherwell was expected to follow in his father's footsteps. But a trip to Mexico in 1941 with Surrealist painter Roberto Matta would change all of that.

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Ben Johnson - Contemporary Glass Vases

I am extremely proud to offer these contemporary vessels by glass artist Ben Johnson. Johnson’s glass vases and sculptures stem from his interest in color theory and texture. Their bold colors and richly-textured surfaces are created via an extremely labor intensive process that often includes sandblasting and acid etching. It’s a process that has earned him the distinction as a Rising Star at the Museum of American Glass.

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