Mid Century European Vessels

One of my favorite collecting categories is the Mid Century cabinet piece. They look great displayed behind glass, make unique conversation pieces presented on a table and if you're bold, can even function as they were intended when they were produced many decades ago. As a bonus - they can often be quite affordable.

Offered here are three pieces of vintage ceramics from Europe all produced around the Mid Century.

The practice of firing clay has existed in Eastern Europe and the Middle East for over 8,000 years. But it wasn't until the 1930s that there were signs of a new presentation emerging. Ceramic artists during this Post Industrial Revolution era were looking beyond the simple utilitarian forms and functions that dominated the recent past and wanted to create beauty that fit in with this truly modern world.

Ceramic production flourished throughout Italy and spread to the far corners of the Continent - significantly to Germany and Denmark - where innovative glazes, patterns and forms brought production to the forefront of the modern age. The workshops were many and as a result the specific points of production are often hard to determine.

If you are at all intrigued, I invite you to start or continue your collection with one of these amazing pieces. Be warned, however, it is a lifelong pursuit forever on the quest of that perfect piece.

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