Ellsworth Kelly - Black/White/Black

I reluctantly admit it took me some time to come to appreciate the work of Ellsworth Kelly. I remember I was fresh out of university, working at a blue chip gallery in San Francisco, when the boss decided he wanted to hang a Kelly painting directly across from my desk for our summer group exhibition. What I learned over the next six weeks was that this grey trapezoid changed personalities from morning to night, it moved and vibrated and I began to enjoy spending every minute with it. This simple act of actually looking at a work of art for an extended period of time changed my opinion of the artist and I started to adore the his work. 

Ellsworth Kelly (American, 1923–2015) first rose to critical acclaim in the 1950s with his bright, multi-paneled and largely monochromatic canvases. Maintaining a persistent focus on the dynamic relationships between shape, form and color, Kelly was one of the first artists to create irregularly shaped canvases. His subsequent layered reliefs, flat sculptures, and line drawings further challenged viewers' conceptions of space. While not adhering to any one artistic movement, Kelly vitally influenced the development of Minimalism, Hard-edge painting, Color Field, and Pop art.

In this work from 1970, Kelly presents two black parallelograms stacked atop each other with a void (white) separating the two. Black/White/Black is a representative sample of his immense contribution to art history. To purchase this work please visit my website. If you have any questions or would like to arrange for a private viewing please do not hesitate to email me or simply reply to this email.